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Find the best milkman for you.

Welcome to eMilkman. Our team is working for finding good milkman for you ,for our indian's family and for our health.Here we choose good milkman who provides 100% pure , fresh A2 milk without any adultration.and also provides today's milk today to our customer directly from their home,farm. and we should also drink fresh and pure milk.now a days often we hear about milk adultration because of middleman.today in india, maximum doodhwala sell thier milk to dairy in low price because they don't have customer then when milk comes in dairy then from here milk adultration starts.and same situation apply in packaging milk also.that's why we are working in this field.and here all milkman provides milk directly from their farm,home.so from this you can choose a good milkman for you and we want that buy milk from a your good milkman.

Founder Vishal soni

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